About the Intelligence Centre

Having access to the iGaming Business Intelligence Centre means that you will have access to, and be able to search, all of our specialist content. This includes the iGaming Business intelligence reports, in-depth articles, research and data, the full iGaming Business webinar archive and video content. This resource is designed to provide you with the tools and resources to improve your business performance. 

Access to the Intelligence Centre will enable you to have:

  • All featured iGaming Business Research Reports - all of which will all be available in full on the website in digital format
  • The resource is searchable by key word, task, sector, product, organisation, geography, content type. We currently have over 700 pieces of content in the Intelligence Centre, pulling information from over 30 in depth intelligence reports and it is growing by about 10% each month.
  • Exclusive content from industry partners including H2 Gambling, PWC, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and more.
  • Content covers the entire commercial discipline of iGaming including regulation and legislation, technology, finance, HR, marketing and management. This means content can be bookmarked and made relevant to all executives across the entire industry.
  • Access to full webinar archive including all previous recordings and conferences. It is a fully searchable archive of past, present and future webinars addressing industry trends and developments as well as recordings from iGaming Super Show, Social Gambling Conference, mGaming and mPayments Summit and more.
  • Searchable news archive - the most comprehensive, accurate and authoritative news service in the iGaming industry with 25+ news stories every working day via our website, on mobile and on social media.
  • Print and digital copies of iGaming Business/iGaming Business North America – our award winning bi-monthly publications, as well as the back issues of the magazines.
  • Access to European Gaming Lawyer Magazine - a bi-yearly overview of the current legal landscape in the land based and online gambling sectors available in print and online version. 
  • News Analysis – an exclusive service designed to exploit the behind the scenes and facts on industry developments and breaking news.
  • Access to the print and digital copies of the iGaming Business directories.

To request more information about how you can gain access to the iGaming Business Intelligence Centre please fill out the form below. 

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