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  • article
    26 August 2015

    In many ways data is the product in fantasy sports, which is why ensuring it is robust and completely accurate is critical in today's DFS environment, writes Marc Saba, founder of European-facing site FootballFanager. 

  • report_content
    11 August 2015

    Video games have always been huge business, but betting on their outcome for real money is a newish phenomenon that is turning into a juggernaut.  In this special report we explore this opportunity in depth including market sizing and analysis, acquisition streams, regulation and an interview with an entrepreneur that is leading the way in this space.

  • article
    7 August 2015

    Taken from SportBusiness in Numbers Volume 8, this article looks at a snapshot of data from iGaming Business Social Monitor analysing the online "buzz" for a number of major sportsbooks. 

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